Estate & Probate Administration

The weeks and months following the death of a loved one are a difficult and emotional time. During this time, legal issues may arise regarding asset distribution. Our experienced attorneys can help you through the technical and complex issues of estate and probate. We work with families, executors and probate administrators to distribute your loved one’s estate amongst beneficiaries, ensuring that the decedent’s wishes are carried out according to the plan.

In the absence of a will or estate planning documents, our attorneys will see that the assets are  fairly and impartially distributed according to the law. You will not have to shoulder the burden of determining who is to receive the assets of the estate. Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved with probate  matters. We have years of experience handling these cases in every county in New Jersey. Additionally, we have a working relationship with the State of New Jersey Division of Taxation.

Our services include:

  • Arranging the probate of the will
  • Bringing the assets into the estate
  • Preparing and timely filing tax returns
  • Working with the executor or administrator of the estate to be certain that the assets are legally distributed to the correct beneficiaries.
  • Administration of Insurance Trusts
  • Medicaid and Special Needs Counseling as part of the administration of the estate
  • Foreign and domestic trusts and estates
  • Elder law

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